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What is a leased line?

What is a leased line?

Put simply, a leased line is a dedicated, direct-to-you, internet connection.

Why would your business need one?


Leased Line speed

The biggest reason is SPEED! As leased lines are uncontended, your business is the only user of that connection. It doesn’t matter if all the local school children come home, switch on their X boxes or Netflix, because your internet connection will bypass all of that traffic. A leased line is your own, private, route to the exchange.

Leased lines are available in a package to suit your needs, from 10Mb all the way up to 1Gb and, in some places, even up to 10Gb. You can ensure you have enough bandwidth for your entire office’s needs.

Almost all fibre broadband packages favour downloads. Meaning, whilst your download speeds can be great, your upload speeds will be compromised. A 100Mb leased line will offer download speeds of 100Mb and upload speeds to match. With more and more business services becoming cloud based, it’s becoming more and more important that information is flowing both ways.


growth bar chart

Around the country, fibre broadband connections are taken out on the maximum speed available. If your business is planning to grow, you’ll need connections that can grow with you.


Leased line providers will offer a Service Level Agreement (SLA) rather than just the “Best efforts” offered by most broadband providers. This means the leased line providers will make guarantees to keep your internet live and detail timescales for different types of fixes. A benefit to you, if your business critical systems are cloud based, you are going to need to how, what, when and why.

Our offer

Daly’s are proud to be Gold partners with Gamma and to have achieved City Champion status with City Fibre. We offer our customers only the best services at the most competitive costs.

If your business is planning for the future, an expansion capable, and reliable connectivity, contact us.

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