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‘Time’ for a Spring Clean!

NEC telephoneClocks go forward for British Summer Time

Spring has arrived and you need to change the time on your phone system.  Follow this link to update the time on your NEC system (NEC SV9100, NEC SL1100, NEC SV8100, NEC XN120, NEC DXE.)

If you have any problems when changing the time on your system or any other system issues, please contact us for assistance.



Cab b4 and afterSpring clean your cabinet!

Over time, cabinets can become congested and confusing. The efficiency of your network and the speed at which it performs is greatly affected. If your cabinet look like the left of these two pictures it’s time to ask Dalys for a tidy up.

Speak to us now about our ‘de-clutter service’.



T: 0116 2426999