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Tel: 0116 2426996
Tel: 0116 2426996

Cable Tidy Service

Over time, cabinets can become congested and confusing. Our cable tidy service can improve the efficiency of your network and the speed at which it performs at.

During times of expansion and change within your business, telephony and IT equipment increases, cabinets can become overloaded with ‘stray’ equipment having to be left on the outside. Colour-coding of the patch leads may have been forgotten and leads of varying lengths, often too long, are left dangling. Having a cabinet tidy-up may free up sufficient space or it may be advisable to install larger cabinet to house all of your data equipment, which we can supply for you. Having a cabinet full of ‘spaghetti’ also slows down that task of ‘re-patching’ when this is required as devices are moved to other locations within a building.

Speak to us now about our ‘de-clutter service’, which can be carried out with minimum downtime, or if necessary, out of normal business hours.

If your cabinet looks like the left of these two pictures it’s time to ask Dalys for a tidy up. For further information, please contact us!

Cable tidy

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