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Structured cabling

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What you need to know:

Structured cabling refers to any infrastructure that uses several standardised cabling elements. It can and often does include voice and data cabling, computers, printers, and all other essential hardware. A more organised approach than traditional wiring and will manage the cabling for your entire infrastructure.

What benefits can structured cabling offer your business?

Ensures your network is both flexible and scalable, ensuring it can adapt easily to the future needs of the business, also making it very cost effective.

Reduced downtime as this infrastructure enables quick fault detection, together with quick and easy repair.

Upgrades are simple, you don’t have to spend hours on cabling, it’s as easy as connecting the new appliance into the hub and it’s ready to go.

Office safety is significantly increased, without any messy wiring electrical fires, trips and falls are far less likely.

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Whether it is an extension to your existing infrastructure or a complete revamp from traditional wiring to structured cabling, we have the right experience to ensure we put the framework in that’s right for your business.

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