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Streamline your communications

Cloud based phone systems are the right technology to boost remote productivity by placing many of your key application in one simple-to use interface.

Are your hybrid workers equipped to succeed or set up to fail?

Advantages of streamlined communications:

Customers expect choice, consistency and a seamless service from every business:
• Seamless user experience.
• Higher productivity and responsiveness.
• Increased employee morale and engagement.
• Improved collaboration.
• Higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.
• Lower security risks.
• Lower operational costs.

Failure to enable remote working will negatively impact:

Impacts on the business
• Poor service to customers.
• Important decisions delayed.
• Increased risk of security breaches.
• Loss of valuable information.
Impacts on the employee
• Lower job satisfaction.
• Feelings of exclusion.
• Frustration at inability to perform.

puzzle pieces of communication joining together

Features include:


Full suite of internet telephony including external as well as internal phone calls, Voicemails and Conference calls


Create secure group, private and external chats


Intuitive video calls with up to 15 participants

Document sharing

Ability to share images and files with any of your contacts

Managed remote working

A free mobile app mirrors the features of the desktop for a seamless portable service

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