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SIP trunks

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So this is what you need to know

SIP – Session Initiation Protocol, the way to achieve a Voice over IP (VOIP).

A SIP Trunk is the virtual version of an analogue phone line, it replaces the traditional method of the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network), a copper pipe that requires a physical connection between 2 points to make a call.

A SIP provider can connect 1, 2 or 20 channels to you PBX (Private Branch Exchange), allowing local, long distance and international calls.

The benefits of SIP trunks

Can significantly reduce costs

Increased flexibility – SIP trunks remove any location-based restrictions, so you can move office or even country and keep the same number

Scalable – SIP channels can be increased or decreased depending on call volumes and staff changes.

Calls can be easily and quickly diverted, perfect to support Disaster Recovery.

SIP Trunks are perfect for linking multiple methods of communication, so fully support Unified Communications.

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Choosing the right package

At Dalys we work with several SIP partners, all offering different line and call packages, so we can recommend one that suits your business.

Just a couple of things to remember; SIP is reliant upon connectivity; therefore it is important to understand your call volumes and bandwidth requirements to ensure you get optimum service performance and reliability.

If you are currently using an ISDN line, BT will be switching these off in 2025, so switching to IP based communications will be necessary, therefore SIP trunks could be a consideration.

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