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Toll Fraud

 What is Toll Fraud?

Toll fraud (also knot fraud8y87y2wn as dial through fraud) is a method of obtaining unlawful access to business phone systems to make money. It is done in a similar way to hacking into a computer system, when access is gained fraudsters can then repeatedly call up premium rate numbers which could add thousands of pounds to your phone bill. The crime is often planned to be committed over the weekend as this is the most likely time they can carry it out unnoticed. You may not be aware that your phone system has been hacked until you receive your extremely high phone bill, by then it is often too late.

  • 84% of UK businesses considered to be at risk from a toll fraud attack
  • £10,000 is the average cost of a toll fraud attack in the UK
  • £1.2bn is the estimated cost of UK phone fraud every year
  • 15% increase of global phone fraud per year

How can you protect your business?

Protection via your system – Dalys now provide the NEC Toll Fraud Guard, this software tracks all activity on your phone system, alerting you via email immediately after any suspicious action has been detected. This triggers automatic alerts via email to designated recipients: an ‘alert only’ email, or if particular parameters are broken an ‘alert and block’ email which prevents any further call activity instantly. The emails will provide detailed information about the unusual calls that have been made and why they were detected as suspicious. After reviewing the information, if you find the calls made were legitimate then you can reply to the email, which would then delete the alert and carry on as normal.

Toll-Fraud Infographic

Is this software compatible with my phone system?

NEC toll fraud guard is only compatible with the SV9100, SV8100 and SL1100. Older phone systems like the DXE, Aspire and XN120 are not compatible with this software, therefore an upgrade would be required.

Protection via your incoming lines – Dalys Direct customers also benefit from an option to have fraud protection insurance on the lines themselves, so your business is protected financially from fraud via your telephone system.

For a free ‘Fraud Check’ and further information on how to protect your business against criminal activity please contact us.

What should I do next?

To purchase or find out more information about toll fraud protection than you can give us a call on 0116 2426996 or contact us via email.

For remote support from our Service Engineers and for on-line demonstrations download Team Viewer here.

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