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Tel: 0116 2426996
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Translink Express Logistics

MyCalls real-time stats have assisted with staff coverage at busy times and enabled click & dial for speedy and accuracy. SIP connectivity has given Translink flexibility and reliability

Translink Express Logistics, based in Leicestershire, are an award-winning distribution company, who have been delivering a first-rate service since 1987.

Based in the centre of the country and close to all the major road networks, Translink is ideally placed to access the whole of the UK. An independent company, Translink’s comprehensive portfolio of services covers delivery of parcels and palletised goods worldwide, bespoke to their customers’ needs.

In order to give a professional and efficient service to customers, the telecommunications that are used within a business need to be equally efficient, cost effective and professional. The impression given when making the first contact is vital and being directed to the correct person or department swiftly, is crucial.

Translink have been customer of Dalys for over 10 years and part of the appeal of dealing with and independent company such as Translink is the flexibility of their offering and at Dalys we have the same philosophy. We believe that each business is unique and the way that a telephone system works within that business must complement and enhance the day to day running of the business. Also, Translink, were happy to deal with another Leicestershire businesses.

Translink also recognised the need to upgrade their telephone system to help with their continuous drive to improve efficiency within the business and enhance the customer experience.

MyCalls Call Management on the NEC SV9100 has enabled reporting, ease of use and enhanced features for Translink staff.  My Calls Desktop has enabled click & dial for speedier and error free dialing, and gives the ability for users to listen back to their own calls to confirm specific points made in a conversation.  Coupled with the ability to see who is calling prior to answering the call can also help with customer service issues. Staff have also benefited from full-colour screen gigabit handsets and Plantronics headsets for comfort and to alleviate possible future back problems.

MyCalls call recording features are invaluable for training and any confirmation and dispute resolution that may be required, this has already proved to be a really useful tool.

MyCalls software can be securely monitored and administrated in-house, following some user-training on the PC Pro administration tool. Having real-time stats to show calls coming in, how they are routed and waiting call times is invaluable for organising departmental programming and staff coverage around busy times.

An equal consideration to the system and software you choose, is the actual method of connectivity.  Dalys Direct™, our connectivity service, offers the full range of connection options, and following assessment and consultation with Translink, it was assessed that the best option in terms of initial and ongoing costs, flexibility and reliability, that SIP trunks would be deployed, with an inclusive call package. This was also the best future-proofing for Translink, as the BT ISDN service will be phased out and switched to SIP by 2025.

Translink – Case Study available to download.


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We have been extremely impressed with Malcolm from initial discussion to ascertain our requirements through to decision making. The installation team were very efficient and worked with minimal disruption and, as always we have great backup from the Dalys’ Service Desk team.

Chris Hobbis
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