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​Dalys comes to the 'rescue'

​​RSPCA Woodside Animal Centre was introduced to Daly Systems as a provider who would be able assist them to improve their communication system, at the same time as reducing costs

RSPCA Woodside Animal Centre was introduced to Daly Systems by a mutual business acquaintance, who felt that Dalys would be able assist them to improve their communication system, at the same time as reducing costs.

The Animal Centre had an old, unreliable telephone system, which had been installed at the premises in 1998 and which was also extremely expensive to maintain. As a charity, keeping a tight rein on finances is crucial as every penny saved on administration will go towards the vital work that RSPCA Woodside Animal Centre carries out, caring for stray, unwanted and cruelly treated animals.

The solution that Dalys put forward to give the best possible cost savings and business efficiencies, for Woodside was to actually replace their current system, with an NEC SV8100. This system, using current technology, would give Woodside more flexibility, would save a lot of money against their current maintenance and give them a future-proofed system that will serve them for many years.

The system has a built in 8 port voicemail auto attendant, to avoid any delays when calls come in, and to allow calls to be routed efficiently. The new handsets in the office areas with easily programmable function keys and display screens make for ease of use for administration staff.

The system also has NEC IP DECT, a very simple and reliable IP DECT system, and enables those staff not constantly at their desks to keep connected. (Dalys has previously installed NEC IP DECT at many establishments including schools and factories and other premises where external use is required.)

The charity will be able to see real cost savings following the installation of the new and NEC system. NEC systems are well known for their reliability and coupled with the highly competitive rates that Dalys offer to all customers for their maintenance and service, the RSPCA will be able to see real cost savings.

Lines and calls charges for the Animal Centre were also analysed and real cost savings were found here too, by transferring the lines and call traffic costs through Dalys bespoke billing platform.

Dalys was extremely pleased to be able to assist such a worthwhile charity, in their day to day costs and to enhance communications for staff and customers.

RSPCA Case Study available to download.

How can Dalys help your charity save money?

​“As a charity we need to keep our overheads to a minimum. Daly systems not only have provided an up to date telecoms system that improves our response time but also has saved us a considerable amount of money both on equipment and running cost. The installation caused minimal disruption to our operation and we were up and running in no time a brilliant job all-round”.

​Gary Wheyway

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