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Tel: 0116 2426996
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Beckworth Emporium

Dalys assists Beckworth Emporium with their expansion by enhancing the telecommunications and connectivity

Beckworth Emporium, in the heart of the Northamptonshire countryside, is a retail outlet with a difference. In four distinct ranges/sections, the Emporium specialises in local produce in the restaurant and food halls, the plant emporium, where the vast majority are grown on site and a gift emporium.

As with many retail companies, customers demand more and more on line, whether it is a web presence or Wi-Fi for use during their visit to the venue and Beckworth struggled with the internet provision in their area.  Dalys were able to bring a new solution to Beckworths to increase their internet access, deliver Wi-Fi for their staff and customers on separate networks and reduced their telephone costs dramatically.

Using the leased line, provided by a radio link, meant that there was minimum civil engineering works, however access points were required to be fitted on adjacent building with an overhead link. The service allows for data transfer, and for voice to be delivered to a new NEC SV9100 replacing an XN120 which the business had now outgrown.

The new telephone system also incorporated NEC IP DECT handsets giving access to staff across the large site allowing them to remain in contact with colleagues wherever they were located.

The installation brought its own challenges to our engineers, as a working site that needed to be re-cabled the engineers had to be aware of Beckworths’ staff and customers and also work with a variety of structures from the restaurant through the shops to greenhouses and detached office buildings; not to mention the ‘seasonal’ ice-rink that had been installed as part of the Christmas festivities.

Beckworth Emporium – Case Study available to download.

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"We are delighted with the result. Our communications internally and externally are now fast and reliable with less downtime and frustration for my team. Dalys delivered as promised. The work was completed on time with virtually no disruption to my team and more importantly no disruption for our customers. Thank you to Dalys for the professional advice and support to move us on to the next level."

David Brown
Managing Director
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