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Benefits of Upgrading


Reasons for upgrading your telecommunications

There are many reasons to upgrade your telephone system and many of them depend on your business circumstances. You may have expanded and outgrown your current system, your business may have changed significantly and your system isn’t able to adapt to your current way of working. Alternatively, if you have an older system you may be in a position where the maintenance is becoming expensive and parts hard to come by, or because there have been so many advances in technology you know you could benefit from the many additional features and functions of a new system.

Planning your upgrade

There are many things to consider when you are planning to upgrade your system and some important questions that you should ask potential suppliers.

Connectivity – this is an ideal time to also look at the means in which you receive and make calls. A line survey by Dalys would ascertain whether you have too few or too many lines, or even lines that you are paying for but have been forgotten!  Is it time to update to SIP to give you even greater flexibility and cost savings? Not to mention disaster recovery benefits If you are currently using ISDN lines, it is worth noting that this service is being completely phased out by 2025.

Hosted or on-premises – some businesses find that hosted telephony is the way forward, discuss these two options with your account manager to see which is the best location for your telephony.

Cabling, networks and for voice & data – do you need to additional telephony or data points or is your network robust? A survey of your current network prior to might show up any weak points that you currently have and highlight where extra points are required.

Handsets, headsets and mobility – does everyone need a desk phone or would DECT, or even a soft-phone be more suitable, for specific users. For those colleagues who are constantly on the phone or have to make notes at the same time, consider a headset for comfort and to alleviate possible back and neck issues.

Call Management and recording – this may be something that you have considered in the past, and was too costly to add to an older system. However, as technology has moved on you may be surprised how cost effective call management systems have become.  Amongst many functions, call management enables you to plan staff levels using real-time reporting and return calls to a callers who have hung-up. Reports can give you useful information on the everyday usage showing call traffic on individual extensions or departments, and call waiting times.  Utilising call-recording is extremely useful for staff training and can be invaluable for fault-resolution. Don’t forget too, that call recording for your business may need to be PCI compliant.

There are many other features you could add to your system, including:

  • information on hold to advertise your latest products or services, and lengthen the time that callers are willing to hold during busy periods
  • conferencing facilities, either through your handset, or for meetings in larger groups with a conference unit programmed through your system
  • computer integration to allow screen-pop from your CRM or Outlook to speed up finding customer information and enabling you to make the call instantly more personable

Here at Dalys we would be pleased to discuss your upgrade requirements and carry out a full survey of your current set-up to better understand your future requirements, so get in touch today and start planning your future communications.

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