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Free uMobility WiFi app for SV9100 users

The uMobility Direct Dialler application is a SIP extension which gives you telephone functionality over a WiFi connection on an SV9100. With the addition of a licence on your SV9100 system, all you then need to do is download the APP and you are up and working with your smartphone or smart device which could then link to a Bluetooth headset if required.

Users benefit from being contactable on a single number, enjoy full call control on the move including call transfers, audio conferencing, speed dials and call recording while on the move.

  • available in App Store (free)
  • SV9100 3rd Party IP device license required
  • call control: mute / DND / hold / transfer / add call
  • up to 10 speed dials
  • pairs with Bluetooth device
  • call history: incoming / outgoing / missed calls
  • integrates with SV9100 voicemail
  • integrate your smartphone contacts

Whilst using the app you also have the usual PBX functionality of being to hold and transfer calls and routing to other devices.  Using the uMobility app give you seamless handover between business WiFi and mobile networks via a smartphone.

For more information on how you can take advantage of uMobility please contact us.

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