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Mobile Extension

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The Mobile Extension, take your office number with you – anytime, anywhere

Mobile Extension gives you access to all of the features of your desktop phone, from most external communication devices, by simulating an extension of your office phone. Single number access lets callers reach you wherever you are. This feature gives you:

  • single-number access
  • flexible call control
  • management of Mobile Extension calls in-progress
  • access to all key desktop telephone features
  • recording capabilities

Therefore, you can treat your smartphone in the way you use your desk-top phone using this software licence. This makes your SV9100 system even more flexible with system features available whilst you’re on the move.

Wherever you are your one extension number will help reduce voice-mails and ‘telephone tennis’, as well as missed calls, as you will have the ability to use system features on the move – including call-back, call-transfer and caller ID. The recording capabilities on your mobile gives you peace of mind, a recording is no longer restricted to just land-line calls.

Clients and customers have come to expect a full service from their suppliers, care providers and hospitality services, sometimes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With the NEC Mobile Extension you can ensure you have the ability to stay competitive wherever you are.

Find out how Mobile Extension can work for you, speak to our sales department or contact us.



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