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Bespoke mobile business phone contracts – SIM only or with-handset packages

To complete the end-to-end communication solution from Dalys we have added a comprehensive mobile offering to our portfolio, with competitive rates for the major networks, EE, O2, and Vodafone. Bespoke and SIM only packages available. We will give your current business phone contracts and mobile package a full audit to ensure that we offer you the best deal for your business and the individual users.

The full range of handset options are available to add to your business mobiles package, to suit all business requirements with it is a Smartphone, or something more basic or robust, to suit the environment in which you work, we will advise you of the most suitable and cost-effective handsets for your business.


Exciting new business mobile service

Do you get frustrated when you are in a bad reception area for your particular network? Are there times when you are unable to get in contact with customers or browse the internet?

With MultiNet, this could be a thing of the past!

Dalys Direct is now offering a new service called MultiNet, which gives your mobile phone the ability to ‘roam’ on to another UK mobile network. By subscribing to MultiNet you are effectively allowing your device to search for the best network connection between alternative providers, should the primary network not have coverage. So, if there is any mobile coverage in the area that you are in, your device will pick up the strongest alternative service. Please note, if the connection is lost whilst a call is in progress, the call will drop. However, you will then be able to call back using the network your device has chosen. (Rather than having to move to an area with better coverage when you have a single network.)

What would MultiNet mean to you?

Incidences when you are unable to contact customers and colleagues, work on-line, or send text messages, will be vastly decreased. Productivity will be higher, staff and colleagues located in different parts of the country will have their connectivity improved.

With the ability to use all four of the major network providers this solution provides the flexibility and care of an independent carrier but also the benefits of working with the larger well-known carriers.

So, for a business mobile user, this is an invaluable service, keeping you in touch with your customers and colleagues wherever there is coverage available, MultiNet gives you a far better service than just one network.

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