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Business Surveillance System

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Ensuring the safety of your staff, stock and premises is of paramount importance, and IP surveillance works not only as a deterrent but also, if the images gained are of high enough quality, helps to identify and convict the perpetrator of a crime.

Dalys supply, install and maintain D-Link IP surveillance equipment. D–Link has an extensive range of high-definition IP surveillance solutions with easy to use software which can be tailored to the specific needs of your business. D-Link’s wide range of camera options ensure that the requirements of our customers, whether an SME or multi site operation, can be met.

D-link cameras feature:

  • superior digital technology
  • sharp high-resolution images
  • work in even the dimmest of light conditions
  • wireless and fixed models
  • PoE (power over Ethernet) options
  • indoor or outdoor situations and many with
  • PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) capabilities
  •  instant intrusion warnings to a PC, smart phone or any web-enabled device

For updating your current system of having a surveillance system for the first time Dalys will supply everything required to build a cost effective system to protect your business, giving you the ability to keep an eye on you what you consider most valuable; you can even monitor your camera from a smart phone, so you can see what’s happening wherever you are in the world. Dalys installs all the hardware products needed to put together a complete and effective surveillance system for a wide range of needs, and will train on the use of the software so you are truly in control.

The wide range of IP CCTV cameras from D-Link, ensures that there is a product to fit all situations, whether you need external perimeter cameras, internal cameras in a reception area with a 360⁰ view or a camera on a specific area of your business, or piece of equipment or machinery.  The D-Link options for storage means that you can retian the images that you need for the length of time you need dependent on your situation.

As a D-Link partner, Dalys has full backup and support from D-Link’s product and technical support team.

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