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Cloud Phone System

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Dalys’ Leicester – Cloud Phone System

Choosing a cloud phone system (a hosted telephony Service) gives you the opportunity to use all the benefits and performance usually associated with a large corporate system, but without the need for onsite equipment, large initial installations costs and on-going maintenance.

If you have any questions about installing a hosted phone system for your business please email us or talk to one of the team on 0116 2426996

Cloud Phone System

Cloud based phone systems can minimise capital outlay and are a flexible option for many business models, read on to see if this could be the best option for your business

Cloud Phone System Vs On Site System

A cloud phone system will be, to the user, exactly the same as an on-site system. However, for the actual business there is minimal on-site equipment and expandable availability of services. A hosted or cloud phone system can have features such as call-recording and call-management as well as the more day-to-day options of voice-mail, auto-attendant functions, ring groups and hunt groups.

The main benefits of having a cloud phone system include:

  • Capital Outlay: Traditional on site systems normally require a large capital outlay once the cost of the initial hardware is taken into account. Hosted or cloud phone systems allow your business to get the same features with a low monthly cost
  • Scalability: A hosted solution can work for all types of organisation, from small start-up businesses, to call-centres and multi-sited companies
  • Space Saving: The hardware for a cloud phone system is mostly with the provider saving smaller businesses much needed space
  • Contingency Planning: Cloud phone systems are stored and backed up on external servers meaning a swift resolution for disaster recovery
  • Flexibility: New features such as remote working, multi-site deployment or changes in service can be done straight away

However, Dalys Systems has developed a sound reputation in Leicester and within the Midlands for the consultative approach taken. We will always talk through your business requirements ensuring you get the most appropriate solution for your business. For example being tied in to long term contracts with an existing provider, current internet speed restrictions etc can all be barriers to installing a cloud phone system.

For more information about Dalys in Leicester or about our cloud phone system please contact us or call one of the team on 0116 2426996

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