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Business Broadband

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Why should your business broadband go Superfast?

Excellent communication is the key to business success and with the increasing number of ways to connect with your current and potential customers, a fast and reliable business broadband is invaluable.

Increased use of hosted and on-premises telecommunications, hosted applications, conference and video calls, webinars and on-line demonstrations all require a good connection speed. Dependent on the type of business you are will determine the connection type best for you, i.e. whether you would be best with a leased line or fibre connection.

For example: do you need WiFi for customers’ use on your premises, do you take a lot of card-payments and need to speed up service at your till? If you have a number of people working away from your premises do they have a good connection with the office to enable file share and to store data, and do you have the ability to connect your ‘off-premise’ workers to your phone system. If your selling or procurement process includes conference calls or on-line demonstrations, do you have issues with buffering or the connection dropping? Also, a Superfast broadband connection can cut travel costs and time.

How about back-up – do you need an alternative connection for business continuity and for your Disaster Recovery Plan?

To address your issues with connections and to see how Superfast broadband and leased line options would benefit your business, increasing sales, productivity and efficiency speak to Dalys.

Example packages – please contact us for the best package and rates to suit your business needs.

Dalys’ Direct Business Broadband- Standard ADSL – from £20.00 pm
• Runs on a single analogue line, this can be an existing line or we can install a brand new line
• It offers downstream speeds up to 24Mbps and upstream speeds of 1.3Mbps
• Available to 93% of the UK
• Takes 7 days to go live
• One off connection fee and monthly rental based on the chosen package

Dalys’ Direct Business Broadband- FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) – from just £28.00 pm
• Runs on a single analogue line, this can be an existing line or we can install a brand new line. An Openreach engineer will need to go to site to fit a new plug (NTE)
• Its offers downstream speeds up to 40Mbps or 80Mbps and upstream speeds of 20Mbps
• Available to over 60% of the UK
• Takes 2 weeks to go live depending on engineer availability
• One off connection fee and monthly rental based on the chosen package

Superfast broadband from Dalys’ Direct ™ – Government Voucher Scheme (suspended)
The Voucher Scheme has been suspended by the Government – we will advise customers if and when this or a similar scheme is to be reinstated.

However, we are still able to advise on the advantages of faster broadband and the best way to achieve this, which may be more cost effective than you realise!

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