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The High Street Accountant


We upgrade The High Street Accountant back in March 2020 to the Horizon Phone System. They wanted to be able to access the office phone system from their homes, it was agreed that Horizon would be a perfect fit.

Dalys customer the high street accountant

  1. Why Horizon?

“We chose Horizon because it was new technology to us and the mobile app offered more flexibility to support us with working from home. And the ability for clients to ring the office and the team could answer from home worked well for us”

Working from home
Working Hard

2. What have you been able to achieve since using Horizon?

“Being able to work from home during the height of the pandemic. There were a lot of announcements during the pandemic, we have never missed a call and easily reached all our clients to offer advice”

3. Have we exceeded your expectations?

“The ease of use has exceed our expectations. Since the day the system was set up we have never had a problem with it”

4. What would you rate us out of 10?

1 (highly unlikely) – 10 (extremely likely)


5. Was there anything we could have done differenty?

“Perhaps, explained some of the features a bit better. For example, we didn’t realise we could import our contacts into the phone system.”

6. Can you describe your experience in just one word?

“Reliable – always been able to get hold of the Dalys team. They always get back to me on any queries”

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