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Elmhurst Energy


We upgraded Elmhurst Energy to a cloud phone system in February 2021 from an on-premise system. We suggested Horizon as this cloud phone system was the best fit to support all the different areas of the business, including the call center.

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1.What sold you on buying Horizon?

“It was mainly the features – with Covid kicking in and having an on-premise phone system. Our users were unable to efficiently work the same at home as they could in the office. So, we searched for a cloud-based solution to satisfy the business requirements. We looked at a range of options and felt a Horizon cloud phone system was the best fit. We have been working with Dalys for 15 years and trusted that they would meet our needs.”

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2. What have you been able to achieve since using our Horizon?

“We have been able to continue to run efficiently as a business, especially our support operation which is the key feature of the business. And without that operation we would have been negatively impacted.”

3. Have we exceeded your expectations since working with us?

“My expectation was exceeded in terms of deployment and migration over to the new system. The Horizon system was installed and made live within a week.”

4. On a scale of 1 – 10 , how likely are you to recommend Horizon to others?

1 (highly unlikely)  10 (extremely likely)


5. Was there anything we could have done diffferently?

“The only area that could be improved was with regards to training it could have been structured a bit better. Although, it was carried out within the week of the deployment. I expected a more bespoke training session so we could fully understand from the start everything that is included with the system. However, everything has been positive since the installation and the support desk always perform as expected.”

6. If there’s one word you could use to describe your experience with us, what would it be and why?

Agile, as we went live with the new system any teething problems were sorted out quickly.

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