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Phone systems

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Cloud based or hosted telephone systems

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Flexible, scalable, adaptable

Understanding how you want your telephone system to perform within your organisation will help you decide on the right solution. Most importantly, we will ensure you end up with  a solution that adds value and enhances performance.

What you need to know

A hosted telephone system takes everything offsite and stores it securely on a server in the cloud; that can be accessed via the internet.

Your team don’t need to be tied to a desk. You can enable them to use a laptop and/or a mobile app to take work calls from wherever there is an internet connection.

There’s no hardware, so you have no maintenance costs and you’re saving space

Budgeting is made simple with a fixed monthly cost and no initial outlay

It has all the features of a traditional phone system, but with greater flexibility; it can be used on any device if you’re online

Connecting with others has never been easier with Unified Communications. The phone system will integrate multiple methods of communication. Thus allowing colleagues to talk to each other in one system, creating greater efficiency for the business

It’s adaptability means that things like remote working, multisite deployment and changes in service can be done with ease and speed

It’s scalable, so it can grow with your business when it needs to

Features of all our hosted systems include:

Call Recording - capture every phone conversation automatically and replay them at a touch of a button. You can improve performance, resolve disputes using recorded evidence and above all, ensure satisfactory compliance.

Call Management software - allows you to manage, analyse and control your calls more effectively. You can monitor call volumes, call answering time, abandoned calls and much more.

Video Conferencing - you can conduct presentations, customer meetings and team meetings from anywhere.

Auto Attendant – will allow callers to be transferred to an extension, without going through a receptionist.

Voicemail – allows voice messages to be left and picked up on any device.

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On premise telephone systems

What you need to know

You own and house the entire traditional phone system in your office, connecting to your handsets.


You have the ability to install a system with all the features relevant to your business.

Return On Investment

There are no monthly licensing fees, ideal for capital investment businesses.


The system can move with you for office re-locations.

We partner with NEC who offer a number of different solutions, depending on your requirements. As with all our products and services we’ll only recommend the best fit for your requirements. So, we can ensure the features of the system really do create benefits and advantages for your business.

Features of all our on premise solutions include:

Call transfer – Assign incoming and out going calls to anyone the system within a couple of buttons

Voice Mail

Call Recording

Information or music on hold & Interactive voice menus - Handle calls professionally, efficiently and without draining resources

Call Routing – This system can route a caller to a specific person or team. Automatic call routing can redirect the calls to the right people if the initial recipient isn’t available

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