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ISDN Switch Off

Across the UK we are all waving good-bye to old-fashioned phone lines. Openreach has already started the PSTN  and ISDN  switch off with a deadline of 2025 for completion.

PSTN (Public Switched Technology Network) is the copper wire based telephone network and ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) is from the 1980s and delivers voice, video and other data. Neither are able to perform the quality needed in this digital age.

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Scrunched up paper ball labelled ISDN next to VOIP Phone
classic open top sports car

Using ISDN today is like driving a classic car

Today it's not as efficient as it's modern counterparts

It represented cutting-edge technology when it was launched

It's more expensive to keep running than a modern car

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Here is why you should consider upgrading if you are still relying on an older model:

The disadvantages of ISDN:

Maintaining consistency of service across multiple offices is often difficult

Struggles to keep up with customer demand

Can't integrate with modern technology

Scaling up is slow and often expensive

Disaster recovery takes a long time

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landline handset next to iphone

The signs you have an outdated phone system

Is it getting expensive to maintain?

Are system faults lasting hours or days?

Is it struggling during peak business hours?

Do you have to use multiple applications for all of your communication needs?

Why SIP Trunks are more cost effective than ISDN

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and its the delivery of  your communications over the internet.

Internet connectivity is a lot cheaper than ISDN

Increased flexibility to meet the changing needs of your workforce

Improved resilience with built-in disaster recovery provisions

More scalability to easily support business growth

More and more companies are switching from ISDN to SIP Trunks for the cost saving abilities alone!
Join thousands of organisations across the UK who are already using SIP!
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