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Call management system

Call management integrated into your business process give you real-time statistics allowing you to make informed decisions based on levels of call traffic

Call management, recording facilities and reporting can greatly improve the service that you give to your customers along with assisting with your internal communications and processes.

Customers expect a high level of communication if they are to invest in your products and services, a call management suite is a powerful yet cost effective solution to maximise the efficiency of the communications.  Regardless of the size of your company, if you are in contact with customers via the telephone, this application is a must-have solution to strengthen your customer service and improve sales.

The benefits to your business of having a call management system;

  • Make informed decisions and strategies with the wealth of information that is on offer
  • Can be personalised to your goals and targets
  • Provides real time statistics on every aspect of telephone use and call volume
  • Reduces costs to your business
  • Call recording packages to access past conversations and to solve any disagreements
  • Parameters can be set to highlight when callers are waiting on the line for too long to reduce abandoned calls or if any premium rate numbers have been dialled
  • Can manage different sites simultaneously from one desktop screen


The NEC MyCalls Call Management software is the complete call management solution. It will highlight the strengths, weaknesses and patterns of customer communications via real-time call statistics, allowing you to come up with well-informed service strategies.

Many businesses do not realise how important it is to measure and monitor your missed calls, as every missed call can a risk you losing a new customer or new business. MyCalls will alert you to missed call as they happen so you can call back without delay.

NEC Unified Communications for Business (UCB)

NEC’s UCB is an application designed to enhance the productivity and flexibility of your workforce, it is an ideal cost effective solution for all types of organisation. This application can be integrated with the NEC SV9100 phone system and allows your departments to work collaboratively, quickly and efficiently using features like presence, which gives you live information about the activity of your colleagues, are they available, on the phone, on lunch break or just away from their desk? UCB is an efficient way of keeping colleagues and customers, connected.


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