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Tel: 0116 2426996
Tel: 0116 2426996

Cabling for voice & data

Are you looking for a data or voice cabling solution for your business? Network (structured) cabling gives your business far greater flexibility for both your IT and telephony deployment

Dalys has a vast amount of experience cabling new-build, refurbishments and occupied buildings, with Cat5e, Cat 6 or fibre optic cabling for both voice and data networks.

Dalys broad spread of customer types indicates the variety of situation that we have cabled from recycling plants, to accountancy firms and multi-premise sites where cabling is required to connect separate premises within the same network

Although Cat5e is still the most popular option in the UK and is suitable for most situations, some IT companies look at Cat6 as a superior option.  Fibre is a high quality solution more often used for linking buildings, particularly for an IP system.

For those business requiring a high level of data transfer, a gigabit network may be the best option for you, this requires all parts of the network to be to the gigabit standard as any network will only work to the maximum of the lowest spec item on the network.

Dalys always use high quality cable, connections and switches. Using lower quality products is never cost effective to maintain the reliability required in any business network.

To discuss your network and cabling requirements contact Dalys, we would be more than happy to look at your current and future needs.

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