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Developments in the next 24 months for the telecoms industry

The telecoms industry can look forward to an exciting future in the next 24 months as new technologies and efficiencies gain momentum.

These technologies are set to transform consumer and commercial communication offering a better connected digital future for all through the adoption of a range of dynamic new platforms. There are 5 stand-out technologies that will drive these changes:

1. As connectivity becomes cheaper and more widespread, traditional suppliers are actually capturing a smaller percentage of the ‘information value chain’ whilst service, content and product providers are capturing more. It is predicted that within 2 years at least one of the major telecom providers will be bought out by a ‘content based’ company.

2. The continued explosion in the popularity globally of connected devices is set to add billions of new data sources over the next 2 years. This will generate astronomical growth in the volume of data being transmitted and received.

3. Mobile connectivity is outpacing fixed line, especially in the third world populations. Most commercial changes are driven by cost and we are also set to benefit from these global drivers.

4. Market saturation is on the horizon as business and homes become fully digitised in a bid for efficiency. The use of these assisted technologies in work and living environments will consume vast amounts of bandwidth – an issue that is being addressed with 5G and other tech on the horizon.

5. Cyber security has become a major issue over recent years and connectivity providers are embracing the demand to gain any competitive edge, so we are set to see a wide range of technical innovations to support consumer expectation.