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Data Roaming and How Dalys can Help

Mobiles for businesses are crucial when travelling, but it doesn’t have to be a headache. Whether you work nationally or internationally, there are exclusive mobile packages for businesses that can make your life easier and your phone bills cheaper.

Roaming while Abroad

If you have a team that works internationally you need to be aware of roaming charges. Additional roaming costs were banned in 2017 so users could data roam in EU countries for free. Since Britain left the EU, some major brands are now charging you extra for roaming abroad as we no longer receive free roaming charges within the EU.

One business received a bill for over £5000 due to an employee using their work phone abroad when roaming wasn’t included in their service.

To avoid this charge, business bolt-ons are available with some network providers

Many suppliers offer business specific bundles for travelling and data roaming abroad, so give us a call first as Dalys can help and save you from any unexpected costs.

You can even get access to a web portal to add these roaming bolt-ons yourself! You can have all the control, or you can get a Dalys dedicated account manager to do it for you!

What Dalys can do for you

Even if your mobile network does charge extra for roaming abroad, Dalys can provide packages that make the roaming charges suitable for your budget. Dalys is partnered with major network providers and can provide a mobile service with business class customer service. Avoid massive bills abroad – no headaches or surprises with Daly’s mobiles! You can manage and control your entire mobile estate from one secure web portal with a bird’s eye view of all mobile activity. Data such as mobile model and brand can be viewed in one easy to access dashboard.

Other features include:
  • Voice over 4G
  • Voice over WiFi
  • 200+ roaming destinations
  • 5G access

Dalys can offer multiple business mobile packages; SIM Only, Data Only, SIM and Mobiles, and Shared Bundles. We will provide the package best suited to your business.

We can save on stress and money with 1 supplier, 1 account manager, 1 service desk, 1 bill!

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