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Dalys Maintenance service keeping you connected!

At MaintenanceDalys we pride ourselves in giving a speedy and efficient service to our customers.  This means that when you do have an issue, maybe with your phone system, problems with your connectivity, CCTV or your IT provision, Dalys are here to help.

Dalys’ Service Desk, is manned by experienced, manufacturer trained telecommunications and qualified IT staff.

All our customers are encouraged to contact our Service Desk regarding any issues they have, or just to find out how they can make changes or cancel functions that they have set.

Of course, there are occasions when you may experience a major fault, which in turn could have a huge effect your business.  The most common reason for a system failure, excluding a line/service failure, is a power cut, surge or spike.  This may cause just a temporary issue with your system, and a simple re-boot may remedy the situation. However, it can also have a devastating effect on the CPU (central processing unit) which could render the system ‘beyond repair’.

Should the worst happen to your phone system, Dalys Service Desk engineers will do their utmost to get you up and running as soon as possible and minimise business disruption.  If, after diagnosis, the system cannot be saved, a replacement is needed swiftly. We hold a level of stock that enables us to provision a new system to ensure, at minimum, a good level of business continuity and, in many situations, we can quickly get customers back to the level of system and functionality previously enjoyed, but with the latest technology.

MaintenanceAll calls that come in to the Dalys’ Service Desk are logged on our system and are dealt with in order of priority and then ‘time reported’.  As a matter of course, system critical faults are given absolute priority with an attendance target of 4 hours and fix time of 16 hours. Response time for non-critical faults is just 4 hours. All records are updated with information and outcomes during any investigation and our customers are kept informed.

Daly Systems Maintenance acts as a single point of contact for our customers for system, IT, CCTV, system management issues, as well as for user queries and training.

Having a Maintenance Contract with Dalys gives you peace of mind and ensures that you have a trained and experienced engineer looking after your systems when required.  Contracts are available as Standard (8.30 to 5.00) or Premier (24/7/364). So, whatever your business needs, we will have you covered.

To see how speedily we are able to react in an emergency, please read our Case Study on customer, Bladen Box Ltd.