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Dalys coming to the ‘rescue’ at the RSPCA Woodside

14_news_index_281x218As a charity we need to keep our overheads to a minimum. Daly Systems not only have provided an up to date telecoms system that improves our response time but also has saved us a considerable amount of money both on equipment and running cost. The installation caused minimal disruption to our operation and we were up and running in no time, a brilliant job all-round”. Gary Wheyway, Centre Manager

Following an introduction by a mutual business acquaintance, Dalys was extremely pleased to be able to assist Woodside Animal Centre the Leicestershire branch of the RSPCA, in their day to day running costs and to enhance communications for staff and customers.

As a charity, keeping a tight rein on finances is crucial as every penny saved on administration will go towards the vital work that the animal centre carries out, caring for stray, unwanted and cruelly treated animals.  The Animal Centre had an old, unreliable telephone system, which was also extremely expensive to maintain.  Dalys put forward a solution to give the best possible cost savings and business efficiencies at the same time as providing a replacement system with the latest technology.

With voice-mail and auto-attendant the system improves speed and efficiency for callers and staff alike by allowing calls to be routed efficiently.  The new easily programmable handsets have made life easier for administration staff.   IP DECT phones allowed the staff to keep in contact whilst moving around the premises too.

The RSPCA will be able to see real cost savings following the installation of the new NEC system and with reduced costs on line rental and calls, via Dalys bespoke billing platform.