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Communications and connectivity for a productive future

A Government report on investment in national infrastructure has outlined £6.8 billion to make 5G available by 2027 at the latest and fibre coverage throughout the UK by 2033.

The report outlines a plan to back 11 digital infrastructure projects in total, but not all this investment will be Government funded. Only about £700 million of the investment will funded centrally, the remainder will be raised via private investment and public-private partnerships, some of which is already in place.

Some of these are not new projects, and not all will receive additional funding. The report simply summarises some of the initiatives the government is involved in, but at least this offers some clarity on how taxes are being spent and how the UK’s connectivity ambitions will be realised in the near future.

The pace of technological advancements and business/consumer demand is forcing the highest sustained investment levels in over 40 years, the Government believing that this enhanced commitment to digital infrastructure, connectivity and use of data can only drive greater productivity and growth throughout the country.

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