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How can Call Management help make important business decisions?

Informed business decisions rely on having accurate, timely information to hand. Finance, sales and support all produce useful data to assist with strategic decision-making, but this data may not always provide the full picture. It is these gaps that can mean mistakes in the the planning process. The solution is to identify other sources of information that can be used to support these business metrics. One source of valuable insight is your business communication system. Gaining access to valuable data about the use of your corporate telecoms can enable you to accurately assess business performance in terms of customer service delivery, sales and potential areas of missed opportunity, to assist with future strategic planning.

Have calls been answered?

The ultimate goal should be for businesses to ensure that all incoming calls can be answered. However, we understand that this isn’t always achievable, therefore provisions should be made to continue to service these customers whose calls are unable to be answered at the time.

How long until a call is answered?

Rather than putting calls through to a mailbox, some businesses may choose to place incoming calls in a queue until an agent becomes available to answer. For the best customer service, the waiting time needs to be kept to a minimum or you risk customers abandoning the call before they get through.

Having visibility of these statistics in real time allows operations managers to see a number of useful metrics, including:

• Average call waiting time
• Call abandonment rates
• Average call duration

These figures can be further broken down to reveal departments, teams or individuals that would benefit from further training or assistance to improve service delivery in these areas.

How many calls were lost?

Just because a customer rings off before speaking to an agent does not mean that their business should be lost entirely. Using call reporting, managers can see a list of calls that were abandoned, along with the originating telephone numbers. This data can then be used to call the customer back, make apologies for the problems they had in getting through, and to try and follow up their query to a satisfactory conclusion.

Without access to valuable call reporting facilities gained with next generation alternative solutions, making effective operational decisions to improve business performance is much more difficult. If you don’t have a call management solution in place then contact us to find out the best option for your business. For more information check out our MyCalls page.