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SIP – is it time for the big SIP switch?



Contact us to discuss how SIP will improve your customer service and save money!

Making calls via the internet using SIP is now becoming more prevalent with businesses reaping the benefits of increased flexibility, combined with costs savings and an efficient service.

SIP from Dalys Direct will work with all leading system brands in the UK and is connected with a PSTN line via broadband or leased line, to your system.

SIP trunking is less expensive, per channel (line), than ISDN and because it is so much more flexible, gives you the opportunity to scale up or down to mirror changes within your business. Installation is currently quicker than ISDN has traditionally been.

The number of channels of SIP that you can have connected is not restricted, from a couple of channels for a small business, to an unlimited number for call centres, multi-sites and large corporates.

Over recent years there has been and large increase in those employees or business owners requiring more flexible working options and the ability to make changes to system programming or line provision in response to changes in demand. SIP lines allow this, and Dalys are able to support customers as they are making changes in their working patterns.

SIP’s flexibility is highlighted in the ability to scale to meet your changing requirements, for example, if you are having a big telemarketing campaign you can increase your SIP channels for a period of time to cover and present geographical numbers to give your company a ‘local presence’ in more than one area.

Just some of the benefits of SIP:

Reduced line rental and call costs

  • Flexibility to make changes and increase or decrease your channels
  • Ability to have geographic numbers showing to give a local feel to your business
  • Disaster recovery advan
    tages include quick re-routing if there is an issue at a specific location
  • Easy set up for remote workers
  • Simple billing
  • Efficiency savings within your business

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SIP and leased lines as an alternative to ISDN, makes perfect sense in most situations, and to make sure that you have the most suitable connection possible, speak to us at Dalys for a free line audit and analysis.  Don’t forget, if you are using ISDN lines, it’s time to plan your upgrade to SIP, ready for the nationwide switchover to SIP technology in 2025.

And, you could get FREE calls for your business aswell as up to six months free line rental.

Great savings available from Dalys Direct, along with excellent account management and after sales support! Now is definitely the time to be talking to Dalys!

Contact us today for an appointment and received your own #bigSIPswitch mug!

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