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6 business benefits of a hosted phone system

Hosted phone system

Before, we look into what a hosted phone system is we should understand the context.

Cloud-based technology is quickly becoming a trend that businesses are starting to understand and follow, for good reason to, it offers huge benefits for lots of sectors and sizes of businesses, that the traditional on-premise telephone system can’t provide. Often businesses are not confident enough to move to the cloud because they may not understand the way it works or the benefits. We’ve put together some key points in this article on what exactly this solution can offer your business.

What exactly do you mean by a ‘hosted phone system’?

A hosted phone system operates from the cloud network instead of on your office premises, this means all your data will be stored in a central and secure location. To connect to the system, you can either use:

  1. softphones, which are virtual phones that you can access and use from a computer or smart device
  2. IP phone handsets, which are desk phones that are able to connect directly to the cloud.

All calls are made and received via a broadband connection to the Dalys cloud network then routed to the telephone network (PSTN) and mobile devices.

The 6 business benefits of a hosted phone system

1. Minimal on-site equipment

Having a hosted phone system will mean it won’t be necessary to have any physical equipment on site. This will save you installation and hardware maintenance costs immediately. And as your equipment ages, prices only soar higher. As your phone system will be stored on our network, we will be managing the upkeep of your phone system and make sure it’s always running to maximum efficiency!

2. Flexibility to work smarter from anywhere

As we will be managing your virtual phone system, all you have to do is speak to us when you need to make changes, such as adding or removing users at any stage. Changes like these can be done virtually and in minutes making the solution scalable to your business so you can pay for exactly what you need when you need it!

Another element of flexibility that this solution offers is that you and your staff will no longer be restricted to working from the office, you can simply log in from your computer at home or a laptop or smart device on the go and make calls as if you were sitting in the office.

3. Low capital outlay

Traditional on-premise phone systems can be pricey after adding in the costs of all the initial hardware. Hosted phone systems however, require minimal capital outlay, which makes it great value as you can have the same features and advantages but with a low monthly cost rather than a larger upfront cost. This makes it great for smaller businesses, who are not looking to invest large amounts to acquire a phone system.

4. No more expensive downtime

Your business can suffer when your communications are affected by external events such as updates, repairs or natural disasters. With the cloud approach, the data is stored securely on our server which is backed up so you and your staff can log into a phone and work from a different location to avoid any disruption to your working days. This makes a hosted phone system a fantastic disaster recovery solution.

5. Multi-site deployment – only one system to buy

If you have or are planning create multiple branches for your business then a hosted phone system is ideal as you are able to connect sites easily and cost-effectively through one central system. This means you can transfer calls to different sites seamlessly and integrate the system with your company CRM and corporate directory.

6. Get new features immediately

Dalys hosted has a range of great features and provides a business route towards true unified communications. When choosing to go with the hosted approach, you can get new features, upgrades and optional integrations with third-party applications as soon as they are developed and released.


If you’re still unsure whether you should invest in a hosted phone system, you can have a look at our Cloud based phone system v traditional phone system Infographic

Ifyou want to know more about our hosted phone systems call one of the team on 0116 242 6996 or read a little more about how our hosted phone systems can benefit your business.