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5 reasons why using a headset can improve employee productivity

In a study of more than 2,000 telephone transactions using Plantronics headsets1, it was found using a headset was 43% more productive than using a handset. If you work in an environment where phone calling is frequent, then a headset is an essential piece of equipment. Here are 5 reasons why using a headset can improve employee productivity.

1. Multi-tasking

This will be the most obvious benefit when you switch to a headset. Wearing a headset whilst on a call gives you total freedom with both your hands to use your computer, make notes or handle documents for your call. This means that when you are taking an important call that requires complex support tasks, you are free to make yourself productive. This saves you valuable time that would normally be spent typing notes one-handed or clutching your phone to your ear whilst reaching for a pen.

2. High Sound Quality

With a high-quality headset, your microphone is in a fixed position, this makes your voice clearer and more pronounced. Microphones are fully adjustable depending on your size height and personal preference. If the person on the end of the line cannot hear you then your phone is useless. A headset allows you to communicate a clear message to your consumer with authority, increasing your productivity and therefore your chance of success.

3. Volume Control

Being in control of your call is imperative if you are making a sale or consulting with a client.  A headset gives you fast and easy adjustable volume control without having to mess around with the buttons on your handset. The noise cancelling features of headsets means that they will block out interference from outside noise that might become a distraction allowing you to focus completely on the call you are on.

4. Health Benefits

The long-term health benefits of switching from a handset to a headset are many. Leaning over your desk or clutching the phone in between your ear and neck whilst you take notes can lead to a multitude of difficult back and neck problems. This reduces the speed at which you can work and can even lead to employees having to take days off work to manage this problem. This will cause your employees stress, lower productivity and ultimately cost you money.

5. Movement

When considering which type of headset to purchase, it is worth investing in a wireless one. They give you the additional freedom to move away from your desk during phone calls. Whether you need to pick up something from the printer or need to move away from your screen to concentrate on the call, having a wireless headset gives you, even more, freedom on the phone allowing you to do what makes you more productive on a call.

Final Thoughts

If you want to take your business and its productivity seriously, then switching from a handset to a headset is something that must be done. No matter whether your work involves constant calling, or one or two important ones a day, making the switch will improve your employees’ productivity across the board in the short-term and long-term.


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